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Join an organization that has been in business, for businesses in North Perth and area since 1883!


About the Chamber of Commerce Membership

In Ontario, over 250 local Chambers are affiliated with the Ontario Chamber and across Canada there are over 420 local chambers affiliated through the Canadian Chamber. The different levels cooperate, exchange information and offer co-operative group incentives; passing their successes on through their members.

Local Chambers of Commerce do much more than exchange information. They offer educational programs, business services and connections. They are involved in local issues from tourist promotion to lobbying local government on issues of concern to the business community. They are the most broadly based of any business group.

Your membership investment supports an internationally recognized business organization that is often the "first-point-of-contact" for your area. Our local office handles many incoming inquiries annually. All requests for goods and services are referred directly to Chamber Members.


Ready to be part of an organization that works for the betterment of your business?

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Once you become a member, we will work together and focus on initiatives that support growth for your business. You will be able to use our Chamber services as an important catalyst for your business success. 


Membership Options

Principle Membership - North Perth Chamber of Commerce

Principal Membership

$200 per year

By being a Principal Chamber Member you are supporting the work we do together to strengthen the local economy. You are supporting your business by taking advantage of the many Chamber services and benefits. As well as staying informed and connected!

Membership Perks:

  • “Chamber Certified” Window Sticker (reputation and credibility).

  • Invitation to attend / sponsor all Chamber Events, Workshops and Seminars.

  • Access to Business Programs that save you money such as: Chamber Group Insurance Program for Health, Home and Auto Insurance and Merchant Service assistance, Constant Contact, etc.

  • Flyers/Literature displayed in the Chamber Building

  • Staying connected with Chamber Newsletters

  • Online Directory Listing on our Website.

  • Resources to assist you in business development.

Premium Membership - North Perth Chamber of Commerce

Premium Membership

$300 per year

A Premium Membership means you want to supercharge your business profile, improve your referrals, make connections, and save money. From enhancing your online presence, to marketing to other chamber members, this premium level is a perfect upgrade for many members.

Membership Perks:

  • All membership perks from the Principal Membership package.

  • Directory Upgrade on Webpage to include more pictures, video, and description.

  • Chamber created video profile from your content

  • Send Member 2 Member offers, promotions or announcements through our weekly newsletter and social media.

Partnership Membership - North Perth Chamber of Commerce

Partnership Membership

Refer to: Partnership Program

Advertising through partnership with The North Perth Chamber of Commerce instantly buys you a full marketing plan. When your company sponsors a chamber event or program, your company benefits through brand association, public relations, reach and business relationships.

Membership Perks:

  • All membership perks from the Premium Membership package.

  • Aligning your business with a Chamber event providing brand association with other business executives, managers and influential decision makers.

  • Become an active partner within the community by being involved through various sponsorships.

  • Reach a wider audience not only through events but also online engagement, newsletters and advertising.

North Perth Chamber Membership Sticker

New Membership Sticker provided to you every year!


Your membership includes being part of the larger Chamber networks.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce