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Your membership with your local Chamber automatically makes you part of the ONTARIO Chamber of Commerce and the CANADIAN Chamber of Commerce!

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The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is Ontario’s largest, most inclusive and credible business network.

A respected voice among government decision-makers, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is Ontario’s non-partisan business advocate.

The OCC undertakes the province’s most pressing policy issues on behalf of our members, and advocates for evidence-based solutions that will foster economic growth in the province. The OCC’s work is based on the belief that a strong business community is the foundation for a prosperous Ontario.

Together with our 60,000 members, the Ontario Chamber Network makes up Ontario’s largest, most inclusive, and credible business network.

Click the link to review the OCC’s list of present advocacy work, events and programs.  

The Power to Shape Policy 

As a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, you are part of Canada’s largest and most influential business network: the chamber network.

While we are a primary and vital connection between you and the federal government, our chamber of commerce and board of trade members connect you to the municipal, regional, provincial and territorial levels of government, empowering you to influence policy and decision-making to the benefit of businesses, communities and families across Canada.

Click the link below to visit the official Canadian Chamber of Commerce website.


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