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Welcome to your Website Styles

Here you will see a selection of website styles that I have chosen to use, based on our previous correspondence and your submitted online forms. These styles have been selected to best represent your business and your brand.

This page only focuses on the header and footer styles, font and colour choices, as well as how the submission forms and buttons appear. 

Please note: You do not have to choose between any of the styles provided, as everything that is included on this page is available for use within your website.

Please review the content on this page and fill out the Approval Form below when you are ready. If you approve all of the website styles, then I will begin building your website pages. If you would like to see some changes first, please list them in the form and I will complete them shortly for you to review.

*If you do not see a reply from me in your inbox within 2 business days of submitting your approval form, please email me directly at

Looking forward to working with you on this new website project! 



The Main Title Font Style

The Sub-Heading Font

This is an Extra Heading Font Style

This is your paragraph font style. I have inserted some placeholder text to show how it looks with more content... Zril incorrupte ex duo, brute dolor ne mel. Fuisset corpora scribentur, cum movet dicant ridens id. Eu ius ancillae adipisci vulputate, no dicat deleniti usu. Postea assentior ut est, dolorum docendi periculis et vim. Sit in ipsum vidisse, aperiam menandri voluptatibus eu quo, has id dolorum mediocrem vulputate. Ei sed quem etiam labores, quo cu verear legimus tractatos, eam et equidem nominati.

This is the link colour.

This is your Quote font style. Any information that is a quote or is a point that you want to highlight.
— Source Here

These are your buttons

There are 3 button styles we can use throughout your website. They are mainly used to navigate throughout your own website pages, to link to an external website or provide a call to action (phone, email, etc.)

Submission Form Sample

This form below demonstrates what a form looks like. Once they are filled out and the customer clicks "Send", the results are emailed to the selected email account.

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