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NameSandy Johnston
Address 1255 Wallace Ave.N.
Zip/Postal CodeN4W 1L1
Company History


It all started approximately 140 years ago, in 1871, when a company was created to provide reasonably priced, good value fire insurance to farmers. Founded by local and area farmers and businessmen, who grouped together to fulfill this need. They banded together to assist one another in sharing the costs and the risks associated with these coverages, the basic foundation for our company was formed.

South Easthope is a mutual insurance company. This means that policyholders own the company. We have no shareholders and therefore pay no dividends to the shareholders, but for many years we have paid a refund to our policyholders on the profit that we make. South Easthope has remained truly a policyholder owned company.

Through the years many changes have taken place, even the business of insurance has seen change. We have seen the introduction of various forms of insurance and the coverage’s that South Easthope now provides, such as fire, wind, and broad perils to protect farm, residential property, small commercial risks and the liability coverage that is needed to protect your assets. We also provide automobile insurance and farmers accident insurance. We have been able to keep pace with changes needed by our policyholders and the requirements by the government and still maintain a financially sound company.
South Easthope has been highly computerized since the early seventies and has developed their own insurance software to make the company efficient and administratively effective. This computer system has become so successful that we now support twelve other insurance companies within the Atlantic provinces and Ontario. South Easthope has recently incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary to continue this work.

SEH Computer Systems Inc. has taken over the support and will provide this system to other companies and maintain the system in its present state of the art form. We feel with SEH Computer Systems Inc. maintaining and enhancing the system we are positioned to keep up with the ever changing demands of technology and the future.

South Easthope is further diversified through its partial ownership of Farm Mutual Reinsurance Company Inc., who provides reinsurance to the North American insurance market.

South Easthope has always been a good corporate citizen of Tavistock and surrounding area. We have remained in the same location since our early days and our premises have gone through several renovations to maintain and meet our needs, and be an asset to the community's landscape. Our staff as well as being highly trained to serve our policyholders, have also taken an active role within the community, through service clubs, municipal boards and committees and sporting teams. We are proud to support and be a part of the best rural and urban area of the world.

The year 1996, marked our 125th year of service to our policyholders, a milestone we are very proud of. When we think back to the men and women who started this company, we recognize that they had the same need that people do today. Working together to form a mutual insurance company to provide the protection they require.





Company Staff
Daryl Stevenson, FCIP Claims Manager
Jennifer Dietrich Automobile Claims Adjuster
Debra Gerber SABS Claims Representative
Holly McKay Property Underwriter
Suanne Wettlaufer, CIP Underwriting Manager
Julie Kimpel Underwriter, IT Co-ordinator
Karen Clemmer Auto Policy Processor
Julia Coffey Jr. Underwriter & Customer Service
Linda Stock Auto Policy Processor & Customer Service
Susan Wagner Property Policy Processor
Lindsay Zehr, CGA
Kathy Witter Reception/Accounts Administrator
Rachel Stewart Executive Assistant
Sandy Johnston Administrative Executive – Listowel
Tom Bickle Property Claims Adjuster
Heidi Danen Property Policy Processor


Congratulations to South Easthope Mutual Insurance for being nominated in the 2015 Business Excellence Awards "Professional Service- Advice Based" Category





Current LocationListowel, CA
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