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Recognized by clients for providing an exciting variety of high-quality personal training that delivers long-term results, New U Personal Training Studio is the premier, award winning facility in Listowel, Ontario.

Unlike the typical intimidating gym environment, (that leaves you feeling confused and lost in the crowd) we work with our clients in a welcoming, private studio and provide the tools, support and accountability they need to achieve sustainable results.

Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality of fitness services and programs to our clients in order to help them reach their fitness goals. Beyond that, we strive to help our clients reach a level of self actualization and feeling of belonging within our family-like community.

Core Values

1) Serve
The most important aspect of successful personal training is learning how to lead while serving. We believe our job is to serve our clients with our knowledge, advice, listening skills and program delivery. We are not to be the idol to live up to, but the mentor to help the client become successful.

2) Honesty
We believe that honest conversations about what needs to be done, changed or adhered to must happen with every client. We also expect honest conversations and feedback from our clients about their needs, concerns and expectations from us. 

3) High Quality
We believe that we should offer only the highest quality of programs and services that are proven scientifically, through vigorous testing and ultimately produce the results that the client is paying for.

4) Personal Responsibility
We help teach our clients about being personally responsible for their health and not dependent on us or anyone for their success. This is also something in our culture that we promote. Every person in the company takes a high level of personal responsibility for program delivery, work and ultimately the success of the company.

5) Community
Our community is everything to us. Whether it be the local community who supports us, our work community, our gym family and our at home family, they all deserve our energy to help them grow and reach new levels of success. Developing a strong sense of community within New U will ultimately help everyone be


Graham has a degree in Physical Education/Kinesiology and went to post graduate school for a Masters in Coaching and Sports Psychology. He is a Level 1 CrossFIt Coach, a CPTN Personal Trainer and Course Conductor, and leads the teams at New U Fitness, New Heights CrossFit and New Heights Fitness Centre.

While at University, Graham spent a year overseas at a sports school teaching North American sports and coaching several athletes. There, he developed a love for coaching that has since taken him to coaching the Alberta U 13 boys provincial soccer, working one-on-one with several hockey athletes and coaching in CrossFit.

This year Graham was awarded a special distinction for being a CPTN trainer and course conductor, receiving the award of merit! This award is given to leaders in the fitness industry who are educating fellow fitness professionals and making a difference in their community. His qualifications in fitness, and ability to teach, have given him several opportunities within the fitness industry as an educator, conducting courses for people wanting to become a personal trainer, and a presenter at conferences and seminars.




Alison is a Level 1 CrossFit Coach and Weight Lifting Specialist. She assists in running New Heights and leading the team of coaches, trainers, instructors and counter attendants. She coaches CrossFit, group exercise classes, bootcamps and works with clients as a trainer and nutrition coach.

Her career in the fitness industry so far has been extremely rewarding. In 2008 she was awarded Can-Fit-Pro’s fitness professional of the year award selected from more than 15 000 fitness professionals, Canada wide. She’s been a conference presenter and course conductor and has been featured in several newspapers and magazines.

Because she knows how great it feels to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, Alison's goal is to ensure clients, class participants, staff and members at new heights get the most out of their fitness experience and achieve their goals in fitness and in life. Her goal at New U is to ensure members receive quality coaching and a great overall fitness experience.




New U Personal Training Studio was nominated under the "Entrepreneur" category in this years Business Excellence Awards. Congratulations!!!!



Recipients for the 2015 Business Excellence Awards in the "Entrepreneur" Category. Congratulations to the entire team at New U Fitness"

Current LocationListowel, CA
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