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The Municipality of North Perth, located in the northern reaches of Perth County, is a strong, vibrant community. Consisting of the former townships of Wallace and Elma and the Town of Listowel, the new Town combines the best of small urban and rural environments.

MAYOR DISCUSSES GROWTH - at recent Chamber event

The first annual Breakfast with the Mayor event was held on June 29 in Listowel. Pictured (left to right) are: John MacDonald, Ideal Supply vice president and event sponsor; North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns; and Chamber of Commerce general manager Sharon D’Arcey.
Continued growth and development was the main point delivered by North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns at the first annual Breakfast with the Mayor event in Listowel. 
Over 80 members of the North Perth business community gathered at the Listowel Golf Club on June 29 to enjoy breakfast and hear what Behrns had to say about the municipality’s direction in its 13th year of amalgamation. Behrns said that North Perth continues to be a leader in southwestern Ontario, and that the quality of life here is to be envied. 
“North Perth continues to be number one in southwest Ontario,” Behrns said. “North Perth is a vibrant, growing community.”
Behrns said that success is due in part to thriving agriculture, industrial and commercial sectors that have weathered the recent economic difficulties. 
“While Ontario, Canada and the world have been faced with a drastic economic downturn, North Perth’s economy is going strong,” Behrns said.
Pictured (left to right) are: John MacDonald, Ideal Supply vice president and event sponsor; North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns; and Chamber of Commerce general manager Sharon D’Arcey.
Congratulations to the Municipality of North Perth on their Nomination into the 2013 Business
Excellence Awards - Community Service Business Award. The Chamber is pleased to share their company profile.

In Aug 2012, North Perth adopted a Corporate Strategic Plan to guide future decision-making and priority-setting within the municipality.  Many goals and objectives identified in the Plan promote innovative approaches as a means of goal attainment in particular by fostering community development and business advancement driving economic growth throughout North Perth.

Over the past 24 months, a number of initiatives have been introduced by the municipality that utilize innovation to foster economic growth and prosperity in North Perth.

Municipal website and use of social media – In 2012 North Perth launched a more user friendly new website to existing and potential residents, business and visitors.  Free tools such as the self-administered Business directory enables all North Perth businesses and organizations to promote their products and services, post hours of operation, links to websites and be a central source for interested parties to view the local offerings.  The updated website also provides a venue for those entrepreneurs and businesses considering relocation or expansion to have easy access to the various statistics, data and studies that demonstrate the economic advantages of operating in North Perth.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have been used to promote events and new policies and quickly share important information to residents and businesses during emergencies such as the ice storm of 2013.

Shared Community Development and Heathcare Recruitment role: In 2012 the Municipality embarked on an innovative venture with community partners, Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation and the North Perth Family Health Team, with the development of a joint Community Development and Recruitment role.  The position is concentrating upon achieving the economic goals identified in the Strategic Plan and facilitating community and economic development projects to foster growth across all sectors.  The partnership recognizes the importance of sufficient healthcare professionals in the attraction of new and the growth of existing employers. This innovative role has also served to market and promote North Perth’s lifestyles , amenities and facilities.  As a result of the position the new North Perth Community Partnership comprised of the NPCC, Listowel BIA, Listowel Retail Merchants, Perth County Economic Development and Vistitors Association, Perth CFDC and the North Perth Arts and Culture Council. This group is working collaboratively to share resources in jointly promoting North Perth business and community projects to the betterment of businesses, residents and visitors.

Discover North Perth event:  As the municipality continues to grow and prosper it has become critical to explore creative ways of showcasing the outstanding amenities and employment opportunities thus attracting and retaining residents in North Perth.  A new community event that involved a broad cross-section of partners - local employers, employment and labour market experts, service and business organizations and government - created a unique event to promote employment openings and display the great lifestyle opportunities in North Perth.    This partnership served to build awareness across southwestern Ontario of the opportunities in North Perth and hopes to expand upon the success of the inaugural event in the coming year.  The project has also fostered new relationships across sectors and partners that will certainly be a launching pad for future projects that promote economic growth and community strength in North Perth.

Environment and Technology initiatives: All municipal buildings are currently undertaking energy audits to also provide energy efficiency and cost saving recommendations.  One new technology being investigated is the use of LED lights for street lights which would may result in considerable savings and provide a model of energy conservation to local businesses and service organizations.

Planning for Growth

: North Perth council has recently taken an inventive approach to foster economic growth.  Instead of maintaining large parcels of land in the Listowel Industrial Park, the park has been re-configured to permit more 1 acre parcels.   Recent findings suggest that small business growth is the most reliable and significant source of economic growth in communities of the future. This new direction provides a location for more small businesses to expand within North Perth and fosters a more diverse business community strengthening the local economy as a result.  Another example of social entrepreneurship is the Municipality’s agreement with the Avon Maitland District School Board. The agreement is to share facilities like parking and entrance lighting in the plan for growth in the area being developed for the new Elementary School and Recreation Complex in Listowel.  This shared approach will support future sustainability across organizations to the betterment of the community.

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