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NameTerry & Diane Hoover
Address 17482, RR1
Zip/Postal CodeN0G 1B0

Everyone loves maple syrup

but how it comes from a tree and gets into a bottle is a mystery.

Terry Hoover has been making maple syrup since he became fascinated with it when he was eight years old.


Now, with a 50 acre bush and over 1000 taps, they have a tubing and vacuum system to retrieve the syrup. For demonstration purposes they use buckets around their Sap Shack.

Certified “Organic” they meet the standards and exceed at the making.






Click the link to check out our video!

Contact Diane and Terry Hoover, at Hoover Maple Syrup, 519-356-2132


Located at #7482 RR1 Atwood

Sap Shack/Store: is located at 5896 on Line 78, east of Hwy. 23

Store # 519-356-2753


Visit on line:




Achievements / Growth

Terry has been making maple syrup 46 years.  He started when he was 8 years old with 1 tap.  The next year, he tapped and boiled on his own, playing around with up to 50 taps (my first official expansion). By age 18, with the help of a friend, brace and bit in hand, we tapped by hand 100 taps each and hung buckets to catch the sap. This was the first and I might add, the only year we tapped by hand. The next year, I had purchased a tapper that fit onto a chain saw.

Over the next few years, we slowly expanded to 300 buckets and 300 taps on tubing. By 1980, our first vacuum system was in place and a lot of learning was done that year!

In 1988, we pulled up stakes and moved from Nobleton to our present location, just north of Atwood, Ontario. Now keep in mind folks, we left behind a 3 acre bush and are now tapping a 50 acre bush. We’ve increased the amount of work, but amazingly, our staffing numbers haven't increased. We are currently at 1600 taps and will continue to expand to approximately 3000 taps.

Best practice / programs  / models

We have been certified organic, both our crops and our syrup operation for approximately 10 years.  It is easy enough for us to say we follow all the rules for making organic syrup. However, by being certified, this means that we go through an extensive 3rd party, non-bias audit every year and we have a written report to show that we are indeed doing what we say we are doing. We also adhere to the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association Best Practices.  We have also completed our environmental farm plan.  Last year, we had a surprise Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFICA) inspection and passed without any issues.  This is a big deal when producing a food product for the public.


We are all about reducing our carbon footprint.  We have an forced air wood fired evaporator, a reverse osmosis machine both cutting down the amount of wood and time for producing the syrup.  We recently installed geotherm as well.  We have 1500 feet of tubing underground coming from the bush right up to the sap shack.  This enables everything to be done up at the sap shack where we are privy to modern conveniences (hydro and modern washroom) and therefore can offer to both handicapped and non-handicapped visitors.

Employment creation

We are able to employ a few young students to help us with the operation during the syrup season.  These students welcome the opportunity to not only earn a little spending money, but also, they enjoy learning about what goes into making maple syrup and have a greater appreciation for the tradition itself.

Safety in Workplace

While working in the sap shack does not present large safety issues, we ensure that our students are dressed appropriately, have safety glasses, gloves and the appropriate footwear.

Community Involvement :

We provide free tours to the public, schools and youth organizations and enjoy showing them the operation.  We also supply maple syrup to some organizations for door prizes or silent auctions.  We extend an invitation to all to come out and see us in action in the 2014 season (March/April).


Hoover's Maple Syrup was featured in Season 3, espisode 1 of the popular show, "Pitchin; In" with Chef Lynn Crawford on the Food Network.  Just recently Terry finished filming for a Christmas special - the last show for 'Pitchin In''.  He was 1 of 6 chosen out of all the producers in all seasons to appear in this special.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with 'our story'.


Current LocationAtwood, CA
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