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NameRob and Leanne Hamilton
Address 1171 James St.
Address 2PO Box 249
Zip/Postal CodeN0G 1B0




Let us show you what we can do with wood.

Hamilton Wood Products is located in Atwood, Ontario and is a family owned totally Canadian company that takes pride in providing unique and hiqh quality wood products and services to home owners and contractors in Southwestern Ontario.
We stock many types of hardwood, softwood, and reclaimed wood. Our trained staff can advise what type of wood is best suited to your project.
We can replicate historical style trim from your existing home from a photo or your own drawing, or magazine picture.
We also partner with a designer for those in need of assistance in making their dreams a reality.
Some customers bring in their own logs for us to cut, dry, and process into trim, flooring, beams, cupboard material, mantels, furniture etc., ready for finishing. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, no job is too big or too small.

-Rob Hamilton is co-owner and General Manager, his many years of experience along with his passion for fine craftmanship has contributed greatly to the success of our business.

-Leanne Hamilton is co-owner and Administrative Manager, her experience in customer service plus her farm girl work ethics keeps the operations running smoothly.

-Henry Giesbrecht joined the company 10 years ago and has also brought with him experience from working in the custom wood working industry.



Custom Post and Beam


Here at Hamilton Wood Products we specialize in post-and-beam (sometimes referred to as Timber Frame) heavy timbers rather than "dimension lumber" such as 2"x4"s. Traditional timber framing creates structures using heavy squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs. It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier. Post & Beam comes from making things out of logs and tree trunks. Timber frame buildings are capable of bearing heavy weight without excessive use of interior space. This building method has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the world and has a classic look.


Kiln Drying

Here at Hamilton Wood Products we kiln dry our wood. When trees are first harvested and cut, we call it “green” lumber because it has not been dried or treated. Green lumber has a very high moisture content, and if it is used, it will tend to warp and twist as it dries and contracts. Therefore, it is most important to dry the lumber before offering it for sale. We specialize in drying wood in a controlled environment, as it allows the wood to contract without warping. Understandably kiln dryed lumber is of better quality and tends to be slightly more expensive.


Trim and Mouldings

Hamilton Wood Products is known for custom made trim and mouldings. We can machine trim and moulding to your specifications. Baseboards, window sills, casings, door frames, and any other custom wood you may require; we can make it for you.


Custom Wood Work

Here at Hamilton Wood Products we specialize in going from raw wood to finished product. Quality craftsmanship goes into everything we make. Custom cabinet doors, passage doors, shelfing, trims and mouldings, can all be custom made to your specifications.



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Contact by phone 519-356-1076 or email


Current LocationAtwood, CA
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