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NameDave Brand
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Address 17970 Road 147
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About Us

Cogent Canada Corp. places increased emphasis on selecting high ranked genomic bulls. This high genomic selection focus is combined with a tradition of selecting bulls from deep pedigreed cow families. In alliance with Accelerated Genetics and Cogent International, Cogent Canada delivers a wider range of todays’ top genetics to the doorstep of Canadian dairyman and around the world.

Offering high fertility semen and an expanded range of top genetics and highly proven sires, Cogent Canada offers “New beginnings and First-Class genetics to serve customers better.”

Bull Entry

All Bulls are tested on farm prior to ever entering the premises. Upon arrival they enter one of our two quarantine barns. Dr. Tom Cox, Mitchell CFIA Veterinarian, test bulls weekly for entry into the main facility. CFIA testing takes approximately 50 days. Bulls are tested in groups, "All in and all out", meaning no bulls are added to or removed from the group after quarantine period starts.

Our employees are required to shower in and out of one barn before the next. Anyone entering the facility must sign in and out at reception. Individual files are kept on the movement of every bull while at the facility.


Steers are most commonly used as a teaser and mount animal. Female teasers are not recommended because of the potential risk of intromission and spreading of the venereal disease. The teaser should be a calm animal of the appropriate size for the bull being collected.

It is important that the collection area have non-slip flooring to avoid injuries. Collection may be inhibited if the bull is nervous about his footing.

The artificial vaginal uses thermal and mechanical stimulation to promote ejaculation. The liner of the AV is filled with water at 55-58ºC and the inner surface is lubricated. A water jacket is placed over the end of the collection tube to protect the semen from temperature shock.

Bulls are false mounted twice and disinfected before the semen is collected. The sample is collected on the third jump.

The ejaculate is then passed through a double paned window. The laboratory has its own pressurized air system. Air is forced out from any lab opening to minimize contamination.

The Warehouse

Semen is stored in large tanks which can hold over 120, 000 doses of semen each. Smaller tanks are used to ship domestically and worldwide. Semen is stored in bulk, in goblets, prior to being distributed. For shipping purposes, semen is either left bulk or packaged in canes which hold 10 doses each. It is then packed in tanks for global distribution or sold to you, the breeder, by one of our salesmen.

Lab Processing

Our lab manager checks the initial quality of the semen before processing begins. Cogent is equipped with the IVOS system ensuring the highest standards of quality control are met. The IVOS is a Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) system which delivers information on sample concentration and percentage motile. It also determines the number of straws produced from each ejaculate.

Semen is extended and antibiotics added. It is then placed in a cooling cabinet to equilibrate for 4 hours. Straws are labelled with a jet printer, filled and sealed. They are then racked and counted for inventory.

Once racked, the straws are frozen using a computerized freezer that gradually lowers the semen temperature to -140ºC. At this point the semen is removed from the freezer and placed into goblets which are then submerged into liquid nitrogen for storage.


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Current LocationListowel, CA
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