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NamePaul Dekker & Bob Boertien
Address 1P.O. Box 158
Address 25663 Perth Line 86
Zip/Postal CodeN4W 3H2

Today's home trends embraced under one roof.

At Conway we treat customers the way we would wish to be treated, by offering the best values in furniture and flooring and by offering the hightest standard of customer service. Our prices included all taxes. No extra charge for delivery. No administration fees for our finance offers. Conway has over 30,000 sq.ft. of tastefully displayed showroom.


The Chamber is pleased to share the submission from Conway Furniture, as they were nominated in two Categories for the 2013 Business Excellence Awards under BUSINESS OF THE YEAR and COMMUNITY SERVICE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR.


On this our 45th anniversary year it is great to be nominated for Business of the Year (Under 20 employees). Since taking over control of Conway Furniture 25 years ago our business has doubled in size and has grown from 10 to 18 full time employees.


In addition to that direct employment we hire the services of the area's best flooring installers and are currently running 5 to 6 teams of installers for a variety of materials including ceramic tile, hardwood and now luxury vinyl tiles.

This year we have seen good growth in our flooring department through deluxe service and due to the successful builders we are associated with.  We are excited about the new products we are using in the flooring department particularly when it comes to ceramic tile and wallboard. These new products give us peace of mind in how well our installations will perform over time with high moisture.

Conway Furniture has always been ahead of the curve in our IT department. Our connection with Profit Systems of Colorado, an industry specific software developer, has allowed us to gain efficiencies in inventory management and staff performance including bar-coding and sales forecasting. With our recent upgrade to fiber-optics through Wightman we look forward to utilizing cloud type technologies to ensure data security and easier access from offsite.


Conway Furniture also keeps ahead of the curve with regards to compliance to workplace safety and employment standards. On most initiatives we are ready to grow to a staff level above 20 people which requires a higher level compliance. We have trained our staff on welcoming disabled people to our store (although we were friendly to the differently able before that initiative) and keep up to date on WHIMIS and tow-motor operation training. Conway has a policy to encourage continuing education for our staff by funding relevant courses in business, product knowledge and professional skills, and have assisted those returning to full-time education with scholarship funds.


Since the days when Peter Dekker was president of Conway we have always felt strongly about be part of the community of North Perth and the larger community of Southern Ontario. Our list of support causes would use up the 500 words allotted. The short list would include our ongoing support to the Listowel Memorial Hospital as well as the Family Health Team and the CKNX Healthcare for Heroes radiothon. We support the Listowel Kinsmen in supplying a grand prize for the annual Paddyfest draw. From JR B and minor hockey to the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority to Perth Huron Foundation for Education Essentially if someone comes knocking with a need for support that we feel benefits the community we participate.

We are committed to helping Listowel raise the funds for a new arena as we believe it is an essential part of a community like ours.


It is our view at Conway that quality furniture, crafted in North America, reduces the ecological foot print by reducing the flow to  landfill (better quality lasts longer) and also in getting products to our store (shipping fuel). Our new line of flooring is made from recycled PET which yields a soft yet durable fiber. We send the old carpet that we rip up for recycling and we recycle the packaging from the furniture that we deliver. We have been using LED lighting in our store for the past year (which yields great savings in electricity and keeps the store cooler in the summer for reduced air conditioning usage. Our new truck has a diesel engine that produces just 5% of the exhaust waste of a V8 gas engine. We will continue to adopt new technologies to reduce our footprint (and save us money!).

We are proud to be nominated for this award and proud of the community we live and work in.



Current LocationListowel, CA
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